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IMVU Credit Generator 2014 Version 4.0

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Welcome to our hacks site! Our team just now have finished the Creation of Latest updated for the Imvu Credits Generator tool. Now it has been updated and all the latest bugs and glitches of previous version have been fixed. It Even now has a New better Design and it is very easy to use. Even your grandmother could use this IMVU Credits Generator tool! With this tool you can get unlimited amount of free IMVU Credits straight to your account any time you want to have them. It's realy simple like that !

imvu credits generator



imvu credits generator


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What is IMVU Credits Generator

Most complex, unique features are limited to paying members and that is not cool at all, why in every online game must be paying content which is so expensive. Why only paying members can have everything and free members all basic stuff.

With IMVU credits generator you too can have all cool stuff and indeed all for free.  If I were in your place would not give them one dime anymore, you probably gave them too much money already. IMVU Credit Generator will generate for you up to 50000 free IMVU credits.

What is new in version 4.o

We have so many requests for Mac version that we had to implement full support in this IMVU Credits Hack. Also we have complaints that generated codes doses not work sometimes, let me explain why this happens.

Due to popularity of our IMVU hack 2014 sometimes at the same time is used by more than 400 people  and because is connected to our sponsors server which unfortunately is sometimes slow, then happens is that several people grab same code and only one code is then valid. This seems unlikely but believe me, it took us a long time until we figured out that.If you want free tokens then come and check out our latest updated Top Eleven Hack tool for you!

Check out IMVU Wikipedia Page: and the Official Twitter Page

Another thing what we fix is bug when generator freezes at point when supposed to show code. We have not touched the original interface design because we think that when you see one thing that works and familiarize yourself with its functionality is no need to change that.You are probably to playing facebook games if yes then check out our Monster Legends hack for facebook game.

How To use IMVU Credit Generator


When download and run IMVU credits generator you will see software interface like on image above. Before you do anything with it choose credits amount. Credits can be chosen between 10k, 25k and amazing 50k IMVU free credits.

Imvu credits generator

You Now See How It Realy Works! It generated 10,000 Credits to my account! It is very easy to use! And  This Hack is for free only Limited Time after the first 500 Free Downloads, i will start seeling it at $369,99! So Download It Now While It Is Free!




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