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Age of Wushu HACK

age of wushu cheat

Age of Wushu is based on early Ming Dynasty China, a time when the central plains were relatively stable. It was during this period the Jianghu martial arts were allowed to flourish, and the great schools were formed and began recruiting members. This precipitated great change across the land.

Compared with the thriving, bustling nature of Jianghu, the central government grew increasingly autocratic, with the emperor’s power increasingly consolidated. The Eastern Chamber and the Royal Guards were formed, each growing into formidable forces that influenced Jianghu. The founder of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, grew increasingly suspicious and began purging those he distrusted. He began dispatching the newly powerful Royal Guard throughout Jianghu to bend the people to his will.

After the emperor’s death and the ensuing power struggle, the Nin Yin Manual, a secret martial arts tract, was rumored to be circulating through Jianghu. That set off violent tremors as factions of every stripe struggled to obtain this coveted work. The traditional martial arts began to evolve and grow more sophisticated, as did the newer fighting styles of the western regions, and so the story of Age of Wushu began…


  • Fast Cast
  • Chat Spoofer
  • Climbing
  • GM View
  • Infinite Combat Energy
  • Infinite Flight Points
  • Infinite Rage Points
  • No Cooldown
  • Invisible
  • Speed Hack x3

1. Load the game client, minimize
2. Load hack
3. Select options
4. Click “Activate”
5. Maximize your game & enjoy!


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  1. Serge September 23, 2013 at 2:24 pm -

    This is working very good , thank you :)
    It toke some time for me to complete the survey , but believe me it is worth that :) Because this realy works!

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